Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell slot machine was the first 3 reel slot machine. As the design of Charles Fey was so popular, the design of the 3 reel slot machine was followed for decades. The Liberty Bell slot machine and the idea made Charles Fey so popular.

Before the invention of Liberty Bell coin machines existed, but most of the machines were designed for traditional card games such as poker but the main aim of inventing Liberty Bell was playing an entire game in a machine. These machines were called as Poker machines quite often and these machines can be said as the precursors to the video poker games. The prizes given by the traditional poker machines were cigarettes, gum and drinks.

The prizes given by the Liberty Bell slot machines were cash prizes. That is the reason for their popularity in San Francisco. A new workshop had been created by Charles Fey for keeping up the production. He also designed many new types of slot machines. In the mean time, the anti-gambling activists were offended because they wear against the gambling form of Liberty Bell machine.

Liberty Bell slot machine is no longer found in San Francisco, Nevada and California. But, it could not stop Charles Fey and he continued his work of producing newer slot machines for decades. He continued his business to 1920. Charles Fey died in the year of 1944 and by that time slot machines became one of the major attractions in Las Vegas Casinos. It became a piece of history today.

Play slots in Liberty Bell

There are three reels and five various reel symbols. They are spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and the liberty bells. The symbols come to rest position when the reels are rounded. The players win coins if the payline consists of three right symbols. The Liberty Bell was invented in 1895 and a lot of modifications and changes have been made in it like video slots, progressive jackpots, random number generators and linked slots networks but the traditional three reel slots invented by Charles Fey are favorite among all.

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