Online guide to Slots

  • Online and land based casino Slots odds

    In comparison with brick and mortal casinos, online casinos offer higher odds for their Slots players because of the lower overhead costs. Every online Slot player gets the opportunity to receive some certain bonuses on his/her account for signing up. And later he/she can play with this money.

  • Casino installments

    Land based casinos are tend to pay big jackpots in installments. But if one plays online and wins for example 1 million dollars, he/she will be paid this money at once.

  • Two main types of online casinos: download and no download

    This issue is considered to be rather disputable. No download online casinos are usually more convenient because it is no matter where is the player; it is possible to play favorite game from any computer. Contrariwise, Download online casinos offer their players a large selection of different casino games and the graphics and sound effect are much better. But the disadvantage of Download online casinos is that it takes much time to download its software.

  • Troubles with the online casino software after installation

    Every online casino has its own customer assistance department. Usually there is button or link with the help of which one can get consultation or help if there are some problems with the game. There are online casino operators who will answer any questions or guide one through the site. Some casinos have chat rooms and it is possible to receive an advice from other players.

  • Progressive Slots

    Progressive Slot machines are linked together by a network. And all jackpots of such Slots are contributed by bets of all players and continue to grow until somebody hits it. That is why they are called progressive, they can be really huge. After someone hits this jackpot it resets itself.

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