Slots history

In comparison with all other casino games which have similar elements, Slots machines remain unique. In recent years the popularity of this fruit machine game has increased exponentially. Nevertheless some Slots fans still know some uncommon facts about Slots history and its development.

Slots history

The history of Slot machines started with bar games. There were just pictures of cards on the original Slot machines. To start spinning those reels a lever mechanism was used. And if one got three identical symbols, the prizes were food, sweets or booze.

During the 19 century, inventor Charles Fey substituted this very deck of cards for such symbols as heats, spades, diamonds, horseshoes and, of course a famous Liberty bell. In 1907, Fey started to cooperate with Mills Novelty Company and the mass Slot machines production started.

First Casino Slots

Charles Fey's and Mills Company's partnership started Slot machines development. The first step was the creation of the Slots original design. They changed iron exterior into a lighter, which made the transportation of machines more easer. These were changes that tracked the earliest casino Slots.

During the 1930s, Slot machines were in most U.S gambling halls. Later, in 1946, Bugsy Siegel, a criminal authority, opened his Las Vegas Flamingo and placed hundreds of Slot machines there. Since that time, Slots game started to gain extreme popularity among casino players.

The development of Casino Slots industry

Electromechanical Slot machines

During the 1963, Bally's presented the first version of electromechanical Slots. These machines were much safer and paid out big wins automatically. In the following years, these machines quickly ousted those simple Mills Novelty games.

Computer Slots

Later, electromechanical Slot machines gave way to these famous computer Slots, which further simplified the process of the game but made the game itself more interesting, fun, exciting and profitable due to colorful graphics, different sound effects and, of course progressive jackpots.

Computer Slots

These Slots are also known as Video Slots. They revolutionized the game by the introducing these famous multi-line games which allow players to make bets on many possible lines, vertical and diagonal. Bonus Slots contained animations and different interactive games. These very famous progressive Slot machines were connected by a network allowing players to win huge jackpots.

Internet Slots

During the late 1990's, the first online Slots appeared. They made Slot games more popular and more wide-spread. And now there is no need to go to the casino for playing favorite game. One can easily play Slots at home.

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