Video Slots

Video Slots are basically the same as Slots in land based casinos (there slots jackpots and other winning combinations). The difference is that Video Slots have five reels on a video display, instead of the classic three-reel format.

Video Slots attract players with its graphics, different audio and video effects which add excitement to the game. One more peculiarity which makes Video Slots more interesting for gamblers is that it has up to 9 pay lines in comparison with three-reel machines with one standard line.

Video Slots History

Video Slots was introduced in 1975 by Walt Fraley. This was a breakthrough in casino Slots industry. But at the beginning of its implementation people didn't believe that it is possible to win on this game. But despite this fact Video Slots became popular during the 1980's.

During 1978 International Game Technology (IGT) bought "Fortune Coin", which presented the first Video Slots in 1975. Later this company became one of the advanced Slot manufacturers. Then in the 1990's with the internet boom online Video slots were introduced.

Video Slots Variations

Video Slots symbols can be of the following types:

  • Scatter symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Wild symbols

Also some of the Slots games offer different bonuses and bonus screens, and some options with the help of which one can risk his/her win for doubling it.

Video Slots Tips

  • It recommended for all players to read all information about winning combinations on the pay table before starting the game. Besides, pay tables of the Video Slots are more complicated than classic Slots.
  • Such Slot games like Thunderstruck and Spring break offer an option with the help of which one can bet a certain amount of coins on each line. Playing such games one should decide thoroughly what number of coins he/she wants to play, what pay lines to activate and number of coins per line.
  • Also, it is important to read all notes during the game. Some Video Slots rules say that some certain winning combination starts only in 1 reel or 5.

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