James Bond Slots

The Double O' Dash game will give you the opportunity to step into James Bond's shoes. You can fight off the bad guys and impress the ladies, all while winning loads of money. The symbols and logos used in this slot game are all themed on spies. Some commonly used symbols are Martinis (shaken, not stirred), weapons, beautiful women, super cool gadgetry, cool vehicles, etc.

The game playing experience is superb ad you are sure to be enticed by the Bond themed sound track and sound effect, as well as the superb visuals. The latest technologies have been used in making this game visually stunning. After each game animated videos play that are really intriguing and look great. The sound effects create the perfect ambience and will make you feel like you are in a James Bond movie. The gun shot sounds, saxophone music, etc. will take you to a different thrilling world.

Free spin option

While playing Double O' Dash, if you get three spy watch symbols together, you will be able to enjoy the free spin bonus. The software will allot you any number of free playing options ranging from 10 to 30. The number of free spins is decided randomly by the software.

The Jackpot

If you play Double O' Dash with the highest bet value, you will have a chance to crack a jackpot of $50000. Also, you can avail an additional $7000 if you go for another game.

We really had a great time while trying out this slot game. The game functions really fast and is perfect for those who want to win big without spending much time. You can go for the fast spin option too. In case you win continuously, the average time period for playing this game is more than that of other slot games.

How to play the game?

You have the option of playing 20 lines. The play line winning value is multiplied by the value of the coins to determine the amount you win.

Bonus games

3, 4 or 5 consecutive BONUS SCATTERS initiates bonus options.

5 BONUS SCATTERS lead to 50X Total Bet.

4 BONUS SCATTERS lead to 5X Total Bet.

3 BONUS SCATTERS lead to 2X Total Bet.

You cannot re-trigger the bonus during free rounds.

You can get maximum 15000 Coins.

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