Video Slots vs. Reel Machines

Reel slot machines and slot machines operated mechanically, both are built in wheels. These wheels are called as reels. These wheels having symbols and they have blank spaces between them. Five or three reels are there in the common slot machines. The reels have symbols that are based on the slot machine's theme. In a slot machine built in reel there might be symbols like oranges, bananas, cherries and mixed fruit. There might be some other types of symbols too such as single bars or double bars or triple bars.

Suppose ten symbols are there and ten spaces that are blank in a reel slot machine. If the three same symbols among them line up the pay line and make a line on the screen then you will be granted to win the prize according to pay table. There are some complicated reel slot machines too but they also follow the similar concept.

Reel slot machines:

There might be up to three pay lines in some reel slot machines in the place of one. If you want to activate the additional pay lines, you must use more coins. In some slot machines with 5 reels, there might be 9 pay lines and that is why you will need 9 coins for activating them.

Video Slots:

There are many people who make mistake by thinking it as the ordinary reel slot machines. There are many video slot machines that do not have any reel but they look like they have reels. These machines are equipped with pictures, videos of the reels. As the reels are computerized version of the real reels, the chance of winning jackpots is much higher than the ordinary reels slot machines.

Almost all the online slot games are played with the video slot machines as the computer does not have the capability to recognize the original reels slot machines. There are some online slot games that are quite similar to the original slot games and there will be only one pay line. Traditional slot symbols are used by these slot machines like the bars or fruits.

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