Fortune Coin Company

First Video Slots:

The first video slot machines were invented by Fortune Coin Company in the year of 1975. The video screen game was invented by "The Fortune Coin". The video slot machines were quite better than any other previous slot machines and numerous improvements were made in it like the random number generators and microchips.

They were far better than the electronic slots. But, there was a thing that was not appreciated by the players. Players found difficulty to use the machine as they were familiar with the spinning method slot machines. The video slot machines were equipped with virtual reels. So, the processes were not so clear to the players. That is the reason why players prefer to play the electronic slots.

Improvements in Fortune Coin:

In the year of 1978, William Redd purchased The Fortune Coin Company who was the manager and owner of IGT which is International Game Technology. "The Fortune Coin" was improved by IGT and they added multiple pay lines in 1980. The machines got long awaited recognition when the video slots loyal were found. Almost all casinos started to use the new video slots and it became very popular.

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