Charles Fey

Charles Fey was the inventor of the slot machines.


Charles Fey, who was the youngest among all children in a poor family, was born in a poor and large family. There were total 15 children in the family except Charles Fey. Charles had started his work experience with mechanical equipments and tools when he was of 14.

He also helped older brother of him Edmund's Farm Tool factory located in Munich. Charles Fey's strict father did not allow him to sit in his Germany residence and that is the reason why he got into German Army.


Charles Fey's first slot machine was 'Liberty Bell' that was placed in San Francisco in the year of 1980 at the Fey Factory site by E Campus Vitus. After three years, this slot machine was replaced by California Historical Landmark 937. Bavaria, who was the city fathers of Vohringen, placed a slot machine on the town school at his birthplace for the great invention of Charles Fey.

He left his home and went to France when he was of 15. He started to work there as a manufacturer of intercom equipment. But, he shifted to London and worked there as a maker of nautical instrument. Charles Fey stayed in London for more than five years. He decided to immigrate to US like his uncle at the age of 23.


Charles Fey immigrated to the US when he earned enough money. He traveled various places in US and then he stepped San Francisco finally. Fey started a new life there and he married Marie Volkmar there who is a native Californian. Fey became Charles to August officially and he got a job at California Electric Works. Fey and the business partner of him Theodore Holtz let his job soon and they started their company dealing with various types of telephones, electrical equipment and telegraph. That was the time perfect for making slot machines.

In the year 1895 Fey invented "Liberty Bell" or often it is called as 4-11-44. This slot machine was invented which is same like the game 'Policy'. Then Charles Fey opened his new slot machine factory after the success of it.

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